“Look at the Flowers”

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I’ll admit it. I don’t know much about Doctor Who. I knows! I will also confess that I haven’t seen any of the Harry Potter movies.  That is, apparently, a cardinal sin amongst my friends. But – per the theme of this blog – I don’t care.

My husband is a Doctor Who fan. His friends are Doctor Who fans. I’m sure I will be too, I just haven’t gotten into it… yet. Doesn’t stop me from bringing it into the wedding though!

Background story: When I started to meet some of the husband’s friends, one joked that “this must be River Song”. The nickname of one of the Doctor’s companions – whose first name is Melody. That might have been a spoiler. Oops. Oh well – damage has been done. Continuing on with potential spoilers… River Song has a own Sonic Screwdriver. The weapon exclusive to the Doctor. And River Song has her own. What? AND it’s more powerful than the Doctors’! What the what? I knows!

I wanted to incorporate her weapon into the wedding, obviously. Using it as the base for the bouquet seemed like the most logical choice.

Early on I wasn’t even sure I wanted a bouquet. I not a fan of cut flowers. I’m not a fan of holding a bunch of stuff that’s slowly dying on my wedding day. I’m definitely not a fan of chucking said dead things at single ladies on my wedding day. “Hey, I just got married and you didn’t!” KER-POW!

Photo by Paul Gibbons Photography

Photo by Paul Gibbons Photography

I honestly ended up with a bouquet simply because I didn’t know what else to do with my hands while walking down the aisle. Do I fold them in front of me? Flash peace signs? Wave? Snap? Knowing me I’d end up nervously flashing spirit fingers at my friends and family. They’d all mock me that “those aren’t spirit fingers!” Additionally, I sort of wanted to walk down the aisle with a weapon. How cool would that be? A lightsaber is too obvious but the Sonic Screwdriver? Subtle. Perfectly subtle.

And the best way to increase the subtlety sliders? Disguise it with flowers!

Not just any flowers. Comic book flowers!

I love the color of comic book pages. Entire pages often have a unifying color tone across the panels to convey different emotions of the story. Globally, they’re so bright and vivid. Locally, each panel, details of the story tucked in. The idea of having different colored flowers made out of comic book pages made me smile. Having flowers from fandoms that represented my guy and me made both of us smile. That’s a bouquet I could be content with. That’s a bouquet I would keep! (Sorry single ladies).

Making the flowers was a bit of a jerk. At first. It took hours to make a flower I was happy with. Hopefully I can shave some time off of that for you with the forthcoming DIY instructions.

Title quote reference:

“Look at the flowers”

– Carol from The Walking Dead

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  1. Sally

    November 14, 2016 at 3:20 am

    Your bouquet is so unique, I don’t blame you for not throwing it into a crowd of pushing and shoving ladies. And it goes so well with your Storm Trooper helmet.

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