“I hadn’t any material to waste on puffed sleeves.”

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I hate dresses. I’ll just start out with that. I’ll even repeat it for emphasis. I. Hate. Dresses.

They are uncomfortable. They are restrictive in movement. They are overpriced. Almost all lack pockets. They are just… the worst.

When the time came for the fella and I to start discussing the wedding wardrobe, I ranted about the wedding dresses. He got used to my rants by that point and said the sweetest thing. “What’s wrong with getting married in what you’re wearing?” My heart grew two sizes that day. I shot back that, “I can’t get married in jeans!” I love that wardrobe meant nothing to him and that he would marry me no matter the attire. For whatever reason I just couldn’t get married in jeans.

So I had come up with a plan that I was pleased with. I practically felt like a genius. I would get married in a simple 40’s style day dress. A nod to what my grandma had worn. Mostly white or cream with a slight flower pattern. Elegant collar. Clean lines. Pockets!

Two friends said I needed to go dress shopping to see if that style would be a good choice for me. I hated that idea but I loved them so we went.

The dress style I wanted, while comfortable (and pockets!), just didn’t ‘feel’ right for the wedding. I had to scrap my genius plan. Sadness ensued. Our scope got bigger. Before I knew it my dressing room was full of… dresses. I ended up with an appointment at a wedding dress store. My world was not what I remembered it being.

I hated almost everything I tried on. I especially hated the price tags. It boggles my mind why anyone would spend thousands of dollars on a single use item.

I was getting depressed and very irritated. Surrounded by dresses and none that I could deem my wedding dress.

Until I wandered over to the glorious chart of bridesmaids’ dresses.

I saw a dress I could tolerate (that’s as high as my scoring system goes). Tried it on and my friends approved. Returned to the store with my mom and she approved. Most importantly, I approved (even though the dress did not have pockets.)

But – they didn’t have white or ivory in stock until after the wedding date. Son of a motherless goat!

Not one to be thwarted – I got married in pink and I loved it. The feller and I wanted our wedding clothes somewhat neutral anyways so we could wear them to other events.


Nailed it! Photo by Paul Gibbons Photography

Photo by Paul Gibbons Photography

Nailed it.

I had a plan and had to completely chuck it. I learned the stinging lesson of having to be flexible. My advice to those in similar situations is to dress shop with only one or two friends you trust! If they say no to a dress, trust them. Don’t bring “yes men”. It is a waste of time and energy.

Also, go ahead and check out bridesmaids dresses. Mine cost $160, which I hear is pretty low for a wedding dress.

Postscript: I made use of my husband’s pockets for my handkerchief (to wipe the potential tears). He still has it with his wedding clothes.

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  1. Sue Gunderson

    November 16, 2016 at 1:58 am

    I thoroughly enjoy your humor, insight and just plain wisdom. Embrace the moment…your moment…God has your future that is why “now” is called the present…it is a to be cherished.
    PS. I dont plan on experiencing your left hook but keep up the good work!

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