Star Wars Mannequin Challenge

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A new fad has been creeping into my social media lately and I like it. It’s called the Mannequin Challenge. In the videos, the entire group stays perfectly still (like a mannequin) while the camera pans around. The crazier and more creative the scene, the better.  At the end of the short video, everyone unfreezes and moves about as normal. Basically, if you can do your best Bernie impression from Weekend at Bernies – you can participate. Hopefully this fad sticks around a bit.

Below is one of my favorites!

Constantly working on my left hook. Terrible at dodging the literal punch. Doesn't mostly care for traditions or society's expectations. Mostly. Married for all of 5 minutes so is practically a certified expert. Annoyingly uses a copious amount of proximity mines during Goldeneye's multi-player mode. Loves Paul. Loves Jesus more than Paul.

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