Author Bios


Melody J Kollmorgen

Self-taught graphic designer. Closing in on 20 years in the business. Dabbling in the world of prop-making. Constantly working on my left hook. Terrible at dodging the literal punch. Doesn’t mostly care for traditions or society’s expectations. Mostly. Married for all of 5 minutes so is practically a certified expert. Annoyingly uses a copious amount of proximity mines during Goldeneye’s multi-player mode. Hoping this blog helps someone with something at some point. Loves Paul. Loves Jesus more than Paul.


Paul Kollmorgen

Programming whiz (see http://galdenstudios.com).  Suffers from Legolamania.  Daydreams of what life would be like if he was Spider-Man.  Loves Melody.  Loves Jesus more than Melody.





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