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It has been a busy month. The day job overflowed into my workshop time so that became – frustrating. I did have some workshop upgrades though and will post reviews of the gear I purchased. I also finished one DIY project (instructions forthcoming) and started two new ones.

My 8-year-old nephew kindly requested that I glue his Rubies Stormtrooper helmet together. I obliged. I also offered to upgrade the bubble lenses to flat green ones as I had an extra set on hand from a previous project. No dice – he wanted blue. I reminded him that wasn’t canon. We ended up (playfully) arguing back and forth.

He asked for red stripes.
Red lenses.
Blue helmet.

I suggested an all black helmet though and showed him a picture of a Shadowtrooper. He loved that idea.

Some projects in the workshop

Some projects in the workshop

So I’m doing that conversion for him now. From a simple glue job to a full helmet mod. I do love that little guy so I don’t mind.

I’m also modding a Nerf Deathtrooper blaster I picked up a month ago for cheap. This is my first go at doing that sort of thing as well. So far it has been a fun process and I’m pleased with how it is turning out.  Again, I’ll go into more details of those projects as they get wrapped up. You can always follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for progress shots.

I’m just glad I have the time to get my workshop time in again.

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