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“Look what I have created!”

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Crafters know the feeling. As do writers, painters, sewers, chefs, sculptors, and other creator types. It’s that feeling you get when you need to just make something. A thing from mostly nothing. Random objects turned into a new cohesive object.

That feeling has been on overdrive lately. I have pages of ideas and I am gearing up to get started on one of them soon. Unfortunately, soon isn’t now.

To temper that feeling, I’m putting together an At-At figure from Metal Earth. Two flat sheets of thin metal with shapes cut out that, when put together, resemble a 3D object. Just what is needed! The kick in the pants is the little pieces are practically impossible to break away from the sheet without ruining both parts.

Quarter for scale.

Solution time!

Crescent Mini Cutter

Crescent Mini Cutter

Crescent sells a set of Mini Cutters and Needle-Nosed Pliers. These little deals are the perfect fit! The Mini Cutters fit right inside the opening to quickly trim the part away from the rest of the sheet. The Needle-Nosed Pliers are just the right size to bend or twist the metal tab to secure the part in place. No more frustration. Now I can create!

Highlighted area shows the Mini Cutter just fits to cut away the part!

Highlighted area shows the Mini Cutter just fits to cut away the part!

Looking online it looks like Crescent and Xcelite both are making the same set of tools. I purchase a Crescent set from Home Depot and cannot vouch for the Xcelite on Amazon.com – but it looks exactly the same.


Full disclosure: If you purchase the items through the links above, I do get a small kickback. It isn’t much and it helps keep the site going and I do sure appreciate it.

Title quote reference:

“Look what I have created!”

– Castaway

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