“Shhh, I’m listening to reason.”

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Wedding sundries are packed away. Thank You cards are sent. You figured out what that light switch finally does. Life returns to a new normal.

“Thinking of buying a house?”
“When are you having kids?”
“Going to get a new car?”

What? I just had some pretty good sized life changes. Secured a husband. Moved to a new city. Changed my last name. Wore a dress.

Are you not entertained?

In my own little bubble of thought, I want to savor these changes. Hold them close. Gaze at them. Look closely and try to memorize the details. Cherish every facet – both the good and bad. I want to remember this beautiful story. People keep trying to pop my bubble!

They mean well and simply might bring these things up in lieu of talking about the weather. So what’s my response? I try to redirect the conversation back to the present. What my life and experiences are like now. When I head out to meet up with someone or (gasp) a party, I like to have a topic or two that I can whip out in an emergency. For example: a recently seen movie or TV show, current hobby, work project, book I’m reading, etc.

I’ve wasted years of my life pondering a time in the future that never became a reality. Never again. I refuse to skip ahead to the next thing. I refuse to allow people to push me ahead to the next thing. I refuse to let my mind wander down a useless road of a future fantasy when there’s a very pleasant present I could be living in.

A wedding season (whatever that looks like to you) is not a time to rush. It never is a time to rush, really. I know this should be very obvious and straightforward advice but I tend to forget it. I’m mostly talking to myself. Mostly.

Don’t let anyone (or even yourself) keep pushing for the next thing. Pause and enjoy the current thing. Fight for that, if you have to.

Title quote reference:

“Shh, I’m listening to reason.”

– Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

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