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Workspace upgrade! So I had been using a lightweight card table in the garage for my projects. It did the job and I was thankful for the space. However… it was a card table with wobbly legs. My heart was drawn towards another solution; the Windsor Design Workbench sold by Harbor Freight. I had perused other various workbenches at Costco, The Home Depot, and Sears. Those were nice too but a bit too much for what my needs were.

I put the workbench together in about an hour and change. (Yay, another thing to make!) The instructions called for two people to put it together, but I did it by myself fairly easily.

Harbor Freight Windor Design 60" Workbench.

Here’s what I like

  • It’s longer than it is wide. I needed more space to put projects and not so much depth.
  • Drawers! It has four nice-sized drawers for all sorts of things.
  • Storage shelf! It fits 3-quart tubs perfectly and helps keeps things organized. I’ve seen some folks mod this area with a larger support beam to allow this shelf to hold more weight. I’m not storing heavy power tools so I didn’t do this.
  • Sturdy. The table weighs about 113 pounds and doesn’t wiggle at all.
  • Peg top. I might end up covering the table top with a solid sheet at some point but so far I’m really liking the peg holes to brace my crafts.
  • Inexpensive. Harbor Freight lists it for $159 but they always have coupons and sales. I ended up getting it for $129.

Here’s what I don’t like

  • The instructions were very vague. You pretty much have to scrap them and use common sense.
  • Because this is an inexpensive workbench, they skimped on the drawer rails. They end up doing the job but required a lot of force to get them in place.


I like as much flexibility in my maker space as possible. Honestly, who doesn’t? Castor’s were an easy upgrade to gracefully glide the workbench around the garage. I installed the POWERTECH 17000 Workbench Caster set. Slightly annoyed that they cost about half the price of the whole bench but equally pleased with how easy I could move the entire unit around.

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